Monday, 28 June 2010

My Sister and Cocktails.

When my sister comes home from London she tells me to bleach my moustache.

Then she insists we go shopping. This involves her telling me everything I choose is horrendous while she tries on sunglasses and says: Do I look like John Lennon?

Thankfully, she has a lovely friend called Ella who came along with us on the most recent outing (last week).
After an HOUR AND A HALF in H&M the pair were distracted by Arm & Hammer giving away free toothpaste. They were not even ashamed to try it out (even though Ella looks a bit ashamed in this photograph).
When we had been out for far too long I decided going for a cocktail was an alright thing to do, as it was the evening. My friend put together what I believe is a variation on an 'eggy-weggy,' while I laughed at names like 'Knob' on some expensive bottles.
Some bartenders don't have a taste for this kind of humour. But I know my friend was laughing inside. I walked home afterwards via another bar then went on twitter after I'd had too many gins. I courted celebrities, one of whom kindly laughed at my sister's joke concerning high-sixing people from the Forest of Dean.